The Education Research Monograph Series (ERMS) is a new, peer-reviewed book series which focuses on specialised and interdisciplinary issues related to education. ERMS is intended to enable researchers from many disciplines to share their findings and, as a result, stimulate dialogue on established and emerging topics in education within the international community of researchers, practitioners, students and other stakeholders interested in the field. The monograph series considers bibliographical works as well as empirical studies that employ mixed methods for data gathering and analysis.

Researchers interested in proposing a topic for a single- or co-authored, 45,000-word (max.) monograph in APA style are invited to send a 2,000-word proposal to the Editor, Prof. Carmel Borg, at

The proposal should include: a tentative title; a general description of the study; a brief description of each chapter; and the delivery date. A review is guaranteed within eight weeks from the receipt of the proposal.

The series will be published by Malta University Publishing (MUP).


Carmel Borg, University of Malta

Editorial Board

John Baldacchino, University of Dundee

Darlene Clover, University of Victoria (Canada)

Shaun Grech, Manchester Metropolitan University

Andy Green, Institute of Education, University of London

Linda Herrera, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Peter Mayo, University of Malta

Marianna Papastephanou, University of Cyprus

Milosh Raykov, University of Malta

Ronald Sultana, University of Malta

Sheila Watson, University of Leicester